Fact: Traffic crashes are the leading cause of teen fatalities, accounting for 44% of teen deaths in the U.S.

At Commercial Texas Safety Training, our goal is to provide individuals and companies with safety training and peace of mind through quality training and knowledge.

Commercial Texas Safety Training presents Alive at 25 Texas the National Safety Council Course. The Alive at 25 Texas class is the 4 hour young driver course is approved under the Texas Education Agency [TEA] for ticket dismissal in Texas.

This highly interactive program encourages young drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 to take responsibility for their driving behavior. Skill practices and on-the-spot defensive driving techniques help change bravado to confidence.

Our Alive at 25 Texas instructors use personal examples and even humor to get their point across. They use workbook exercises, interactive media segments, group discussions, role-playing, and short lectures to help young drivers develop convictions and strategies that will keep them safer on the road.



Commercial Texas Safety Training received the National Safety Council award for employing the Texas Defensive Driving Instructor of the year.


Commercial Texas Safety Training received NSC’s Texas training center award.


Commercial Texas Safety Training received the National Safety Council’s Trend Setter award.